La Jewellery: Treating our customers and co-workers fairly and respecting the environment

We believe in unique

We are committed to creating beautiful, truly hand crafted items of jewellery. We aim to combine affordable and exclusive supplying artisan-designed hand-finished jewellery which our customers love and cherish at a price they can afford to pay.

We work with our retail distributors

We sell our jewellery directly through our own showroom and mail order and also wholesale, mainly to boutiques and small chains. Most of our wholesale customers some retail customers are known to us personally and several have become friends. We seek to go beyond what is necessary to achieve customer satisfaction. If for any reason we fail in any way we will quickly seek to resolve any difficulties that may arise to the satisfaction of all parties.

Partnering with charities and causes

Many of our collections are inspired by causes we believe in and wish to support both morally and financially. Purchasing one of these items will result in a charitable donation to the charity concerned. A number of charities are also members of our affiliate scheme so if you found us by following a link from a charity website to one of our products they will be in receipt of a small payment from us as a thank you for the sale

Treating co-workers and suppliers fairly

We believe that fair payment for goods and work done should be an active policy so we pay everyone we employ at least the living wage to everyone we contract or employ directly and a fair rate for any items we buy in. Our co-workers and suppliers are our lifeblood. We gold them in great esteem and treat them with respect.

Ours, and your environment

We operate an environmental policy which commits us to use materials and methods which have as little impact on the earth as we can achieve. Jewellery design relies on the extraction of raw materials from the earth and hence there is always a potential conflict between the environmental causes we promote and producing an item from semi-precious metal and scarce stones. We go to great lengths to research all aspects of production of our suppliers to ensure that once goods are in our supply chain they meet stringent environmental guidelines. We favour suppliers which share our beliefs and attitudes and sometimes that means we must pay more for the goods and services we buy..

We believe in you, thanks for being here…

An ethical and environmental commitment does not mean unaffordable and it certainly does not mean inferior. Our commitment it to superb design, ethical production methods and superb packaging of our products delivered by a staff that care for our customers. We hope you like our products and the service you receive.

We strive always to better our working practices and methods and we will continue to do so and we are encouraged to think that the larger we grow, the more good we can do. Each piece of jewellery is designed to last a lifetime and beyond – to be a treasured family heirloom, with a timeless feel.

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We deal with support and email enquiries 7-days a week and endeavour to resolve them within one business day. Please check our customer support portal if you have a question or any issue you need resolving. Most queries will have already been answered but if they have not you can submit a support ticket through the portal.