How much you earn is entirely dependent on how many sales your referrals generate.

Every person you send us is a "referral" and is tracked by our servers. If that customer subsequently makes and completes a purchase we record the sale to your affiliate account. Each sale typically generates 10% of the purchase price (excluding delivery costs) to the referring website.

So if you wrote an article about us or one of our products which resulted in 10 sales with a gross sale value of £437 we would pay you £43.70 in commission at the end of the accounting period.

Small sites may result in much smaller payments than this but sites with content relevant to what we sell -- or the issues on which we are active -- can generate substantially more. Our Affiliate Assistance team can assist you by providing images, content and advice to greatly assist your sales. See the Affiliate Assistance question on our Support Portal for more information.

The La Jewellery affiliate scheme comes with full detailed instructions on how to implement it, excellent technical support, free content for your website, hand-holding to ensure you are successful and a great revenue-earning potential -- and it only takes a few minutes to sign up.

More about payments

Commission payments are normally made at the month end of the month following the sale - so for example any sale made any time in May would be paid out at the end of June - the delay is to protect us from cancelled sales, returned goods and potential commission fraud

Commission payments can be made in cash, goods or vouchers. We have a minimum commission payment of £10. If the payment due is less than £10 you can roll it over into your next month's commission or take it as a gift voucher.

Cash payments can be made by Bank Transfer or Paypal.

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We deal with support and email enquiries 7-days a week and endeavour to resolve them within one business day. Please check our customer support portal if you have a question or any issue you need resolving. Most queries will have already been answered but if they have not you can submit a support ticket through the portal.