The Affiliate Area contains all the tools you need to run, manage and monitor your affiliate activity. You access the affiliate area through the Affiliate Login/Signup link in the bottom left footer of every page. (If you are not signed up you will need to do so).

Once signed in, the Affiliate Area opens with the Referral URL Generator (labelled Affiliate URLs and the first item in the menu)

Affiliate Area Overview

Affiliate URLs tab

Clicking the first tab labelled Affiliate URLs loads the Referral URL Generator page.

This shows your base referral link (to link to the La Jewellery homepage) to claim revenue for referrals - usually something like (where 273 is your number in the La Jewellery affiliate scheme and which forms the basis of all referrals),

If you simply wanted to refer a user to La Jewellery generally this link would work fine - and would track wherever they went in the La Jewellery website thereafter recording any purchases they made in your affiliate account

But it also enables you to easily create a text link to any specific page or product in the website - so called "deep linking". This is particularly useful if you are writing an article, bogging about or promoting a specific product. It enables you to link directly to the product page with your affiliate link and hopefully the customer you referred will buy it.

Creating a text Deep Link

1. Locate the product or page you want to link to on the La Jewellery website. Copy the URL (page address) from the browser: something like

2. Go to the bottom of the page and right click the Affiliate Login/Signup link

3. Select the Affiliate URLs tab (if not already selected) and paste the page address you want to link to in the Page URL box. 7

4. Optionally give the campaign an name and click the bar marked GENERATE URL.

5. The link produced contains all the code you need to deep link to the specific page and also track subsequent purchases. You can copy the link and use it anywhere - in your article or blog, in and email or newsletter or on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. In each case anyone following the link and making a purchase will have the item they purchase recorded as a referral in your affiliate account and you will receive a commission on the sale.

The other tab you will use most to generate revenue is Creatives

Creatives tab

The Creatives tab contains pre-made advertisements in commonly used sizes for web advertising. Creatives include both the artwork and the text link to the referral page (usually a collection or a special offer).  To use the creative choose the image and size you want and then copy the link code - pasting it as text into where you want it to appear - usually a website or newsletter.

Other tabs: Statistics, Graphs, Referrals, Visits

These primarily provide information on referrals you have made and are informational rather than including any settings. You can use them to check how any of your referrals are going, including how many people have used your links to click through and what purchases have resulted along with upcoming revenue and future payment.

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